Swing Lock - Metal

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Open (and close) this trick lock using only gentle actions and parts supplied (no external tools allowed)

Designed by Splinter J

Do not place this puzzle close to your chest when you have a pacemaker

Keep objects bank cards, electronics away from this puzzle as those might be damaged magnetized This puzzle is not a toy it's only suitable for use by a serious puzzler


The screw in the front are part of the solution those close the lid that gives access to the internal mechanism Should you manage to open the lock quickly , try to figure out how it works and what actions are needed to open and close the lock Safety Warnings This puzzle can damage when falling e.g

On your floor.Always hold the puzzle by the lock and not the shackle, because the shackle might not be fully locked


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Karakuri Moon and Bear

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Adjustable opaque tabletop provides lighted area for tracing or color experimentation. Reflective panels help distribute light evenly. UL approved electrical components. Additional storage below. Bins optional. Dowel for paper roll 526.50 USD

100 Custom Boomerang Fidget Spinner

The two sided Boomerang fidget spinner provides a compact and lightweight design while still providing long spins over 2 minutes. Reduce stress, anxiety and nervous energy for ADD 643.00 USD

Swing Lock - Metal

Open and close this trick lock using only gentle actions and parts supplied no external tools allowed . The screw in the front are part of the 599.99 USD


24 quot wide x 15 quot deep x 30 quot high.Freckled gray laminate.Edge banding in six colors.KYDZ Safe edges.Display and storage space.Easel folds down for 272.30 USD

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DIAPER ORGANIZER - Rainbow Accents

Install above Diaper Depot w/Stairs. Mounting hardware included. 47 quot wide x 12 quot deep x 25 quot high.Framing in Baltic Birch.Edge banding in six colors.KYDZ Hinges 238.75 USD

Alala Gift Card

Give the gift of performance style. The Alala gift card is delivered to your email and redeemable at alalastyle.com For stylized email including to, from 200.00 USD


Two shelves are conveniently adjustable in 1 quot increments. Stationary. 36 quot wide x 24 quot deep x 72 quot high.KYDZ Hinges .KYDZ Safe 725.35 USD

1972 Ferrari 312PB 1

span/lilidiv alignleftBrand new 118 scalediecastmodel of 1972 Ferrari 312PB 1 Regazzoni/Ickx Monza die cast carby GMP./div/lilidiv alignleftHas steerable wheels./div/lilidiv alignleftBrand newbox./div/lilidiv alignleftRubber tires./div/lilidiv alignleftMade of diecast with someplastic parts./div/lilidiv alignleftDetailed 299.99 USD

Levels 4-6 a set

Note Our level rating system is different than Hanayama's. Hanayama's level 1 is equivalent to our level 5.... level 6 is equivalent to our level 10. The following puzzles 561.47 USD